About this experience and the WAE CENTER ARTISTS

Working with each of these artists was an amazing experience and challenge in 

communication.  The collaborative process  gave us the opportunity to learn a little bit about one another and in the process I was able to guide each artist  to create a work that expressed their own thoughts and ideas. 


We began this project with a discussion about infinity and as  a warm up to experience using clay  each artist made 

a symbol of infinity.  Maria liked making 

coils so she continued to express herself

drawing with clay coils on her piece.  

On seeing the finished work, she  expressed sheer joy and happiness!

This key truly unlocked somehing special for Maria


Kamilla came to this project with no sight but i found out she liked to write poetry .  We  based her key on a poem she had had written.  Choosing phrases and words from her poetry , Kamilla stamped the clay.  She modeled the butterfly  and chose to put a smilling face self-portrait in the center.  


Kerri wanted to decorate with hearts and happy faces.  Using  cookie cutter shapes and drawing into the clay she created pattern on pattern.  She  carefully selected the underglaze colors, creating the key to her heart.